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Shane Kelly, San Marcos, Texas USA
This thing lets me fret AND throw in some slide with my ring finger… think I found the tool I need to actually get decent at this!

Karoline Stroemshoved, of Ask Carol, Norway
I can’t use regular slides because they’re too big and awful. But, Thimble Slide – I Love It! I like that it’s so small and fits my finger. I can play slide for the first time!

Chad Lawson, Haslett, MI USA
Received the slide yesterday. This thing is awesome, absolutely love the design!
At first I thought the medium was better but after closing the large a bit, that worked really well too.

Michael Gibson, El Cajon, CA USA
Already really liking it! Very easy to use and switch from fretting to sliding. Nice!

Curtis Pardy, Fort McMurry, Canada
Hey Cole,
I had to write you and say thanks for inventing the best slide on the planet. I guess I’m what you would call an old school shredder, and ignored slide guitar all of my life because I hated slides and their limitations. But I have only been using it for a couple of days and I can still shred while wearing your slide. This opens a whole new world of possibilities, techniques and licks. It is super comfortable and easily adjusted. Now I look forward to playing and learning something new every day! Awesome job sir!!

Thank you,

Steve O’Marro, Springfield, IL USA
This is a great product...nice to be able to fret and slide with my left ring finger.
Thank you, Steve O’Marro

Tom Forsythe, Mason, OH USA
I used it last night and am very happy with it!

Colt Prince, Nashville, TN USA
It’s feeling great. I used it a lot on the last weeks runs and like it a lot for songs that have slide parts but aren’t songs I can play slide only. It’s amazing for playing chords, straight leads and adding some fun slide licks around the songs as needed!!!!

Wayne Coppe, Naperville, IL USA
Success! Slipped the Small on, just a touch too big, taped up the pliers, closed the gap about 1/2 way, and found a perfect fit. Now I'm fretting and sliding with my ring finger, just as promised. Great product, great service. I'll spread the word.

Eric Stets, CEO Stets Metal Arts Inc.
West Senica, NY USA
Hi Cole,
I got the large thank you! I've been trying different slides, problem is ya can't switch none too fast between fretting and slide. You've nailed it! There's enough substance to the mass of the slide to get tone and I can still fret any note I want. Also, its light enough to react to positioning easier than the heavier slides.

Tom Blankinship, Dearborn, MI USA
Great invention and kudos for sticking with the development. I wish you much success.

Kevin Patt, Nashville, TN USA
Hey Cole,
Thank you for your prompt response to my inquirery. I took your advice and bent the Thimble Slide to better fit my finger. It is fitting nicely now just tight enough not to slip and loose enough to allow the finger to breath. The front edge is just about a third from cuticle leaving two thirds to the end of my finger. It feels right and works fine.
Now I move on to your lessons!

Thank you again.
You have created a great tool and I hope your success excedes you expectations.

Kevin Patt, BMI
Nashville Recording Artist

….. and satisfied Thimble Slide customer!

Kip Landry, Chippewa Falls, WI USA
I really like your product (even thought I do not really consider myself a "slide-player'.... this is perfect for me and my situation). Very happy !!..

Benedikt Mayer, Germany
"I have never been much of a slide player (I play punk rock influenced music with my band), but I always loved the sound and always wanted to add a little slide in my playing every once in a while. I tried regular slides, but I always had problems with them. I tried to slide with my pinky, so I could fret notes with the other three fingers, even though I felt like sliding with my 3rd finger would be easier, but then I could not fret with that finger. I also struggled removing the slide, so I stopped trying to add slide parts.

With the Thimble Slide, all these problems are solved! I can play riffs with the slide on my 3rd finger, then play a little slide lick and can easily go back to the riff. You don't have to necessarily remove the slide from your finger, so you can't get lost during the removal of the slide!

I bought my slide at the Guitar Summit in Mannheim this year from Cole personally, he was really nice talking to and adjusted the slide to perfectly fit on my 3rd finger. That's what I call customer service!

The Thimble Slide is the perfect solution for untrained slide players like me :)
Thanks a lot, Cole, for inventing this phenomenal piece of gear!
You, Sir, are a genius!

PS: I'm sure, trained slide players can do incredible things with the Thimble Slide!"

--Benedikt Mayer, Germany